The PM2.5 Lie

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  – Joseph Goebbels [1]

Apparently, the EPA has learned a lot from Mr. Goebbels.  They continue to campaign against PM2.5 air pollution on the notion that, in the words of former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson “Particulate matter causes premature death. It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should.”

Not only does ANY level of PM2.5 cause premature death (even the ambient level we breathe in “clean” air), it causes it within 0 to 1 days of exposure!  That’s right, you could die from breathing today!

Of course, the current conditions in China put this lie to the test.  People in China should be dropping dead by the extra thousands.  In 2014, estimates were that all air pollution was causing 17% of deaths each year in China.  Of course, that is dwarfed by the 24% of deaths it causes in America (Lisa Jackson, in testimony before Congress, said that the regulations on PM2.5 would be the equivalent of “curing cancer.”  Cancer causes approximately 570,000 of the 2.4 million annual deaths in America.)  I’m thinking those Chinese are really tough.

Of course, what will happen if there isn’t a spike in deaths in China?  Nothing.  Will the EPA rethink it’s entire attitude?  No.  Their death estimates are based on “models” which – of course- are immune to physical evidence.  Even their own experiments on immune-compromised and elderly people – experiments where they basically said “Here, suck on this diesel engine tailpipe” – didn’t have people dropping dead from PM2.5 exposure.  The consent forms didn’t even mention “You may, according to our testimony before Congress, DIE within hours or days of these experiments.” [2]

Truth be told, PM2.5 may have a threshold level of impact, but nobody, not even the EPA, believes that it will kill you within hours of inhalation, regardless of their own lies.  The Chinese are currently LIVING proof of that.


Hyping Joaquin!

The media are breathlessly waiting at this time to find out which way the wind will blow.  A few miles West, and Joaquin will turn into a major hurricane – possibly even category 4 – by the weekend and (they all hope) hit the Eastern Seaboard, bringing cataclysm and human suffering on a scale not seen since Hurricane Sandy combined with a Nor’easter over New York and New Jersey in 2012!  A few miles East, and Joaquin will be the disappointment of the week, and life will go on.

The truth is, even Sandy was only a Category 2 Hurricane when it hit the US.  No Category 4 or stronger hurricane has hit the East Coast since 2004 (Charlie), so this COULD be a major event coming.  Could be.  Maybe.  If.

Could Be! Maybe!  If!

I am not discounting the danger of a large storm.  But after 10 years of drought, even the potential for rain makes many a man stand up and take notice.  The media would be ecstatic if Joaquin makes it to Category 5 for landfall in North Carolina by Saturday!  Could this be another Katrina?

A Dash of Cold Water

Cyclonic activity in the world is not trending one way or another.  “Climate Change,” no matter what the alarmists may tell you, is not leading to an increase in strength, number, or duration of hurricane activity, and anyone linking this or any other storm to “Global Warming” is pulling your leg for political purposes.  For those of us 1,000 miles from the storm, this is just a “pay attention, be ready to help” moment.  For those on the coast – you get the great view of the ocean, you deal with hurricanes.  Get ready, and get over it.

Consistency – The Hobgolin of Little Minds and Rational Arguments

I have a friend on the internet who claims to be “pro-life” in much the same way that Nancy Pelosi claims to be “Catholic.”  That is, he really, really thinks abortion may be sometimes in the most extremely disturbing cases be somewhat morally questionable (think Dr. Gosnell of Philadelphia killing live babies after botched procedures), but that if we want to reduce the number of abortions, we need to educate and empower women, and provide alternatives to abortion that make them rare.  By no means does he believe we should pass laws to enforce behavior that we might (again, in extreme cases) find morally objectionable.  Such laws punish the poor (mostly minority, by the way) women who are caught in situations where abortion provides a solution.

So, he’s against legislating morality.

Except he supports social welfare laws.  That is, he supports laws that punish rich (mostly non-minority) people by forcing them to share their wealth.  Apparently educating wealthy people about the needs of the impoverished and then providing them ample opportunities to donate in a charitable manner doesn’t work on the wealthy – not like it would on poor, desperate women, anyway.

He’s also in favor of laws punishing rape and murder.

You see, educating would-be rapists and murderers about the social, economic, and moral implications of rape and murder would be wasted on those not born to “white, male privilege.”  His words, not mine.  Apparently women can be educated, and white men can be, but minority men can’t be expected to learn proper behavior, so we need laws to punish them for their behavior.

He’s also in favor of forcing people to espouse and participate in “gay” marriage.

Educating those who are against such behavior is wasted breath – we need laws to enforce the pro-gay agenda.  Otherwise, people who disagree will go around discriminating willy-nilly against those who think or act differently.  Laws to make such behavior punishable!  Laws that put people in jeopardy of liberty or property because they don’t “toe the line.”

You see, he’s in favor of laws to promote HIS beliefs, but since his beliefs are the RIGHT beliefs (or is that LEFT?) then he is not inconsistent to favor those while working against legislation that “imposes” some other beliefs.

But consistency would be the hobgoblins of littler minds than his….

A Nation of Laws : It was great while it lasted….

I lost hope tonight.  I used to believe that America was a land where laws mattered.  I used to believe that Justice was blind, and that her scales were fair.  If you broke the rules, you were duly punished, and if you lived by the rules, you may not be rewarded, but at least you were left alone.

I realized tonight that all across America, the Federal Government, and specifically the Obama Administration, has placed a huge thumb on those scales.  Much as they did when Obamacare became a problem and the President waived his magic pen to change dates certain written into the law, they have waived their pens again and saved tens of thousands of illegal immigrant “children” from odious paperwork by declaring them “homeless.”

If you are a citizen, YOUR child will have to provide proof of immunization, transcripts from another school, and reams of documentation to enter school this fall.  However, if you crossed our borders illegally, you are “homeless” now – and all of the procedures which citizens are compelled to follow you are released from.

I resent being told that because I have followed the rules in the past that I need to continue following them as those who have broken our laws from the get-go are now given “waivers.”  I resent that a man in the White House can wave his pen and make the laws no longer apply.  I resent paying taxes to a government that goes out of its way not to fulfill it’s basic duties to apply the law equally and with complete disregard for legal status, color, sex, or anything else you want to include.

And if I resent it, I can only imagine how people who made the arduous (but legal) journey through our present byzantine immigration system feel.

It’s almost as if Obama and the Democrats, desperate to hang their hats on something other than their complete lack of accomplishments, are pushing as hard as they can to foment unrest and lawlessness.  If they can get one Tea-Party Patriot to go over the edge, one group to declare “war” on the government, they will be able to hang the November election on it – painting all conservatives with the brush of “anarchists” and “haters.”

And I am afraid – truly afraid – that some nut job out there, or group of nut jobs, will take the bait.  Never mind that the Conservative “nuts” the Main Stream Media so slather over after every “mass shooting” or “violent incident” turn out to be hard-core leftists or completely apolitical.  They only need one bona-fide “conservatie” story before November.  My guess is they’ll be painting the cop in Ferguson who shot that young man as a “died in the wool Republican” if he is revealed to have voted 40 years ago for Nixon before joining the Democrat party and supporting every liberal agenda since.

If America does not make a hard choice, and move back to being a nation of laws and not men this November, it’s probably over.  The elite will get favors, and the rest of us will get the bill.  I used to say “I wanted a revolution until I got investments.”  I forgot how much I have invested in the very fabric of a country that enforces its laws….

Abbot and Costello Meet the Bogeyman

Abbott and Costello had nothing on Obama and Kerry, as our current unfolding debacle in Syria shows.  I’m just not sure who’s the “straight man” in the new act.

A Red Line in the Shifting Sands

First, there was a “Red Line.”  A “Red Line” that Assad of Syria must not cross – or there would be severe, immediate repercussions that involved military action!  Sometime in August, the Obama Administration says that Assad crossed that red line – forces which may or may not have been under his control gassed civilians.  This was it – time for Obama to prove he was a man of his word.  However, a funny thing happened on the way to the airstrikes.

First, there was the whole problem of “proof.”  It was difficult to get actual, certifiable proof that Assad had, in fact, ordered (or even sanctioned) the chemical weapons attack.  In a country where there have been fake reports about atrocities on both sides, along with numerous real atrocities on both sides, and a constant flux about who is actually on who’s side to begin with, this was not a “slam dunk.”  The best the Obama Administration could muster, according to news reports, was that the NSA had intercepted a frantic call from a mid-level military commander in Assad’s regime to the chemical weapons unit that purportedly carried out the attack demanding to know why they had used chemical weapons.  Hardly “proof” that Assad knew about or sanctioned such an attack.

Russia, never one at this point to miss an opportunity to show up it’s good “friend” the USA, immediately rejected the US claims of Assad’s complicity.  Assad serves a political purpose for Putin, so they have a stake in making sure he isn’t overthrown (yet).  China is another one looking to play in MidEast politics, because nothing secures your bona-fides as a Superpower like getting mired in the Middle-East Conflicts.  China has also rejected the idea of military action on the part of the United States.

Britain, the holders of a “special relationship” with America, immediately and most un-impressively failed to pass a resolution supporting the use of force against Assad.  France first supported us, and then walked back the support.  Kerry went forward last week and claimed we have a lot of “Secret Supporters.”  Yes, that’s right – countries who’s support for us is so deep it must remain secret.

Obama, faced with a dwindling supply of allies, decided rather suddenly that if he couldn’t get NATO, or the UN, or the Arab League, or anybody else to support his decision that action must be taken, he would go to Congress and have them authorize the smallest of airstrikes.  Just a few well-placed bombs to “punish” Assad, but not really enough to affect the outcome of the current civil war in Syria.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Such a milktoast resolution might have passed muster, had not Obama run smack dab into Public Opinion – 72 percent of which is currently against doing anything at all.  The proposal started as “fire a few missiles, watch a few camels explode, have cake…” and has since become a discussion of how far is far enough without going too far while not tying the President’s hands and actually doing something significant.  Hawkish Republicans want a strike only if it furthers an agenda pointed at regime change in Syria.  Skittish Democrats want assurances that we are not committing to any sort of war.  Nobody wants to put boots on the ground, and everyone is worried that the people we are attacking are not necessarily the worst actors on the stage!

In this uncertain climate, where a filibuster is shaping up in the Senate and a failure to pass the resolution is almost a certainty in the House, Kerry gives Syria an out – a way of avoiding military attacks that Obama seems less and less eager to make alone.  It’s a “rhetorical” offer, we’re told later.  If Syria gives up control of all of its chemical weapons by the end of the week – something nobody in their right mind believes Syria will agree to – the US will cancel the airstrikes.

The problem with Secretaries of State making “rhetorical” offers like this should become immediately clear.  What if someone accepts the nonsense and irrational offer?  What if Syria actually says “Sure, we’d be willing to do that.”  What if Putin goes to Syria and sits down with Assad and appears to come home with that exact agreement.  What if they say “yes.”

Like an inept prosecuting attorney, John Kerry asked a question he didn’t know the answer to.  He thought he knew.  Conventional wisdom and common sense told him he knew.  I mean, EVERYONE knew the answer, right?

Apparently, someone forgot to tell Assad and Putin, one trying to hang on to his political and literal life, the other seeing an opening to reassert Russian prestige as a Middle East negotiator, that they weren’t supposed to say yes.  Assad is supposed to be a raving maniac who gasses his own people.  Putin is some “thug” ham-handedly pushing Russia back to a Cold War stance.  Neither is supposed to be this politically adept.  Neither is supposed to be clever enough to outwit Obama and Kerry!

So what is this?  Amateur Hour at the White House?  Kerry and Obama have just been outmaneuvered by a couple of hecklers who were getting a rise out of them.  This is the best we have?  Foreign Policy via “Off the Cuff Remark?”

“Playing the part of put-upon, misunderstood leader of a small, unimportant country this evening, Bashir Assad.  The part of the war-mongering, bullying, incompetent, ugly Americans will be Barak Obama and John Kerry.  The part of good-faith negotiator and worldly man about town will be played by Vladimir Putin.”

The net change in Syria over this entire fiasco?  ZERO – that’s the plot twist we should have expected…..

So what are we Paying Obama For?

At the height of the Benghazi debacle, Hilary Clinton announced that the “buck” stopped with her on security requests for the Libyan Consulate.  Apparently making a career out of “taking one for the team,” Hilary said that she was the one responsible for denying the additional security requested by Ambassador Stevens prior to his death at the hands of Islamic Militant Terrorists in a “spontaneous Youtube Video” demonstration.

Which, I guess, answers the question posited in my last post about “who’s in charge here?”

Realizing what a debacle it is during the election season to not appear “presidential,” Obama eventually claimed responsibility for security at the Consulate, after Biden assured millions of Americans that “we” (the White House) never knew about the requests.

And now e-mails have been leaked showing that the President’s vaunted “Situation Room” – you know, where HE personally made the easiest decision in the history of his “kill list” career to go after Osama Bin Laden – was made aware of claims of responsibility by the terrorist organization that mounted the attack on your embassy in Libya mere hours after the attack.

You know, 10 days before Ambassador Rice said the attack was an “anti-youtube demonstration” that got “hijacked” by militants.

Of course, now that the truth is coming out, I have one question.  What the hell are we paying Barak Hussein Obama for?  He’s skipping intelligence briefings, he’s not in charge of statements coming out of our embassies, and he’s not in charge of security at our embassies.  What, exactly, are we paying him for, other than golf outings and “scouting vacation spots” for Michelle?

So….Blogsome ate my homework…..

Ok, they didn’t eat my homework, but they did eat my blog.  I don’t know if it’s everyone’s blogsome blog and their on some sort of death spiral, or if they just got tired of my right-wing, conservative rants, but my old blog site has stopped responding.  Some of the European blogs seem to work fine, so maybe it’s just their North American Operations that are in the crapper.  Either way, I’m tired of waiting for them to fix it, so I’m moving my operations over here.

If you see something you like, let me know.  If you see something you disagree with, be prepared to provide logical, evidence-backed arguments and not a lot of emotional claptrap to back it up, or your comments will be deleted.  Yeah, I’m that kind of person.  I’m a horrible, awful type, who believes in taking arguments to the extremes based on evidence presented.  No evidence, no argument.  See how that works?