Another Four Years of This….

So Barack Obama, judged worthy to lead despite the overwhelming evidence against him, has been given another four years to….to do what?

What did he promise in his long campaign?  What exactly are his plans for America?

The Great Keynesian apparently is going to spend us out of this recession.  I’m thinking we’ve got another $6 to $8 Trillion dollars of debt to look forward too, and no sign that he is “bending” any curves.

My friends assure me that 30 million people who were not insured before will now have insurance, but I don’t see how that is possible.  I can’t believe that 30 million people are suddenly going to be able to afford health insurance when they couldn’t before, and I really don’t see there being 30 million people who were just “opting out” of buying health-care coverage and selfishly making the rest of us pay their bills.  It won’t get cheaper, because of all the new mandates regarding preexisting conditions and mandatory benefits, so what does Obamacare get us?  One step closer to England’s wonderful healthcare system, where they come up with great ideas like the LCP?

My friends assure me that we’ve had 32 months of job growth.  But it’s such anemic growth that it’s not even keeping up with the demographics of new workers coming of age.  The ranks of the unemployed and underemployed grow, and for many they are becoming increasingly unemployable – thanks in no small part to the policies of the Obama Administration, that says a kid you pay to sweep the sidewalk in front of your shop and do odd jobs must now earn the equivalent of $15.00 an hour in pay and benefits.  Sorry Tommy, I can’t afford you.

My friends tell me what a wonderful place the world will be now that we have a president who embraces Gay Marriage!  I’ve written extensively on this in another posting – but even so, is that really an issue that affects more than 3% of the population. Really?

The EPA is set to issue regulations that will stifle energy production in the United States and make our power grid less reliable.  Obama is keeping his promise that “electricity bills will necessarily skyrocket” under his administration, because wind and solar are just so much better for us than safe, reliable, and arguably more environmentally friendly coal, natural gas, and oil.  Cuisinarts of the air cutting down endangered bird species by the hundreds and thousands verses low-emission, reliable power.  No wonder we’re going to be shivering in the dark cursing those evil power companies that keep raising rates and providing less reliable service.  Just ask the people of England how that’s working out for them?

Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid remain on course for bankruptcy, insolvency, broke, whatever you want to call it – and the Obama Re-Election bid spent a year scaring current beneficiaries so badly that any meaningful “reform” is now out of reach.  The programs are projected to be less than 75% funded when I start drawing benefits in 20 years – hope you youngsters are ready for higher taxes on whatever jobs you DO find!

And now we’ll have “four more years” – of blaming a past President for the current problems that the new President’s polices can’t fix.  “Four more years” of failed leadership abroad as Al-Queida renews its strength in the strongholds of Afghanistan, and the newly fertile fields of Libya and Egypt.  “For more years” of “containing” Iran as they develop nuclear weapons.  “Four more years” of Trillion Plus deficits, no budgets from the Democrats in the Senate, and economic malaise.  “Four more years” of hearing how proud we are of this empty suit who spends more time on the Golf Course and Vacation than at National Security Briefings.

And “Four more years” of hearing how it’s all about “race,” and “Bush’s fault,” and the obstructionism of the Republicans.

“We aren’t broke!  We need $16 TRILLION Dollars to get BACK to Broke!”


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