So what are we Paying Obama For?

At the height of the Benghazi debacle, Hilary Clinton announced that the “buck” stopped with her on security requests for the Libyan Consulate.  Apparently making a career out of “taking one for the team,” Hilary said that she was the one responsible for denying the additional security requested by Ambassador Stevens prior to his death at the hands of Islamic Militant Terrorists in a “spontaneous Youtube Video” demonstration.

Which, I guess, answers the question posited in my last post about “who’s in charge here?”

Realizing what a debacle it is during the election season to not appear “presidential,” Obama eventually claimed responsibility for security at the Consulate, after Biden assured millions of Americans that “we” (the White House) never knew about the requests.

And now e-mails have been leaked showing that the President’s vaunted “Situation Room” – you know, where HE personally made the easiest decision in the history of his “kill list” career to go after Osama Bin Laden – was made aware of claims of responsibility by the terrorist organization that mounted the attack on your embassy in Libya mere hours after the attack.

You know, 10 days before Ambassador Rice said the attack was an “anti-youtube demonstration” that got “hijacked” by militants.

Of course, now that the truth is coming out, I have one question.  What the hell are we paying Barak Hussein Obama for?  He’s skipping intelligence briefings, he’s not in charge of statements coming out of our embassies, and he’s not in charge of security at our embassies.  What, exactly, are we paying him for, other than golf outings and “scouting vacation spots” for Michelle?


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