The Obama Administration’s “Battered Wife Syndrome” – Updated

NOTE:  It turns out the Egyptian Embassy may have issued its apologetic statement prior to the actual assault on the Embassy. [Reuters]  That one occurred within hours of the other is what caused the confusion.  The fact that the White House claims regarding the apologetic statement (that it wasn’t cleared through the WH, etc) still leads to the Valid Discussion over “Who’s in charge here?”  The Lie remains the same.  And yes, we apologized for being ourselves PRIOR TO the incident.  Apparently in an attempt to “head off” the beating we anticipated…

Original Post:

So protesters upset about a YouTube video they were told was an insult to Mohammed stormed the American Consulate in Cairo, tore down the American Flag, and put up a black “Al Queida” banner proclaiming “Allah Ahkbar (God is Great).”  Like all great powers in the last 500 years, the American Government immediately filed a protest against the action with the Egyptian Government, demanding that international treaties and laws governing the sovereignty of embassies be enforced and that they control their more passionate members of their society…..wait, that didn’t happen?

Apologized for Being Ourselves

What did happen is even more embarrassing than failure to control our own sovereign territory.  We apologized to the Egyptian people for being ourselves.  Like some “Battered Wife” who’s husband has gone off on her again for some minor or imaginary affront, the United States Of America apologized to those who are abusing us!  “We’re sorry people actually use their freedoms!  Really!”  It’s as if we’re apologizing for not cleaning the house or overcooking the bacon!

The embassy released the following statement:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”

Not Only a Lie, But a Damned Lie!

Where was the Embassy of the United States in Cairo when “Religulous” was released a few years ago?  What about “The Last Temptation of Christ?”  Or maybe “Saved!”  Or that new series on TV called “GCB?”

No, the Embassy in Cairo has not spent the last few decades constantly opposing and condemning mocking of all religions.  They also didn’t condemn the Danish Cartoons of Mohammed, the Van Gogh movie, or the burning of the Koran by some nutjob in Florida.

They have been silent on most issues that don’t affect them, or the country they are in.  Of course, this is to be expected.  Most embassies would look foolish if they constantly condemned the actions of people in other countries, or the perfectly legal and constitutional acts of those living in their own country.  But they look equally foolish when they make broad, sweeping, and essentially untrue statements about issues when forced to comment on them.

Who’s In Charge Here?

Now, there are those who will attempt to paint the statement released by the Cairo Embassy as “not the official Administration response.”  Well then, who’s in charge of the Embassy if not Obama’s State Department?  Do we now have rogue embassies, issuing statements at odds, or at least not in line with, Official US Policy?  They’re writing statements up for the consumption of the world, and then sending them out without being vetted?

Which is more comforting to believe?  That the Obama Administration is apologizing for “over-boiling the water” or that Obama is not in control of his own Foreign Policy implementers?

We Deserved It

So now, like some battered wife constantly beat for our “misbehavior,” we have apologized again.  Sorry we burned the toast.  Sorry we didn’t make the bed.  Sorry we’re breathing your air!  We’ll try and do better.  It’s not you, it’s us!

Nobody, and I mean nobody, I know would say “Well, a battered wife needs to figure out why her husband is so angry at her.”  And yet, I hear people saying we have to figure out why “the Muslims” are so angry at us!


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