It’s Summer – so now Weather = Global Warming

Remember a couple of years ago, when snow blanketed nearly 70% of the nation in record amounts? When Al Gore actually had to cancel a Global Warming Conference because of cold and snowy weather? What were we told? “It’s just weather.”

Now, with the country broiling under an extreme heat event similar to the one that gripped Russia in 2010, we’re given the predictable line – “This is what we’re looking at from now on – Global Warming has arrived!”

Of course, only in the United States (England is having a miserably wet, cold summer), and only because it’s hotter than average (although how the year will finish out we have yet to see), but that doesn’t matter. Every time the mercury rises during the summer, we get hyperventilating Chicken Littles telling us all the world is ending unless we fly all the elites to some exotic location on our dime and let them talk endlessly about how to fix it – also on our dime.

One heat wave does not equal global warming, any more than one cold-snap equals the approaching ice-age. The truth is, we don’t have enough data to predict either right now, and the best models are already dead wrong about how much the temperature went up in the last decade.

Activists rely on our short memories, and our short attention spans. If this winter is a killer – record cold, record snow, and record power outages – expect not a bit of remembrance that they promised us “snow free winters” by 2010!


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